When growing anything the three key factors are water, sunlight, and temperature. To be clear there are many more, but these are the big ones.

Sunlight and temperature are pretty much out of your control, aside from cutting down trees to increase light you are at the mercy of mother nature to provide the right growing conditions.

Water is a little different due to irrigation. Here at Hamilton Trails, we have a center fairway irrigation system which means only our fairways, tee boxes, and greens can be watered without the assistance of rain. All summer we fought a constant battle to keep things green with the assistance of next to no natural water. To say it was a challenge would be putting it lightly.

Fast forward to today and we are dealing with the opposite extreme, too much water. If you stop by the course, you will see our hard-working grounds crew expanding drainage ditches, filling low spots and generally working to get water to flow off the course. This is not only to help keep the grass alive but also to increase playability. Anyone who has played at The Trails in the past knows that after a heavy rain it can be pretty wet. We are spending significant resources to make it so that in the future, no matter how much rain we get, you can still play a great round of golf. We have a long way to go but over the last month we have already made significant progress towards that goal. Come play a round and let us know what you think!